Founder-James Parish
James Parish

About Us

Welcome to The Property Plug™, where real estate investing is no longer a privilege of the ultra-rich, but an accessible pathway to financial freedom for everyone. Our mission is to democratize property investment, bringing its manifold benefits to a broader audience. We achieve this through offering exceptionally affordable financing options, unwavering transparency, and a commitment to educating our clients at every step.

Our Story
In the thriving real estate landscape of Houston, two visionaries, James Parish and Scott Montgomery, came together to establish The Property Plug™, a beacon of trust, transparency, and transformative deals in the investment sector.

James, with a strong foundation in the finance sector, ventured into real estate, seeking to harmonize investment strategies with honest, beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders. His journey led him to a position at a renowned real estate firm, where he not only honed his expertise but also encountered the dark underbelly of the industry— inflated ARVs and a stark absence of transparency that often left investors in the lurch.

It was in this realm that James crossed paths with Scott Montgomery, a pool builder & Auto Dealership owner whose ventures had gained recognition on television. Scott, a perfectionist at heart, approached real estate with a contractor’s meticulousness and an investor’s acumen. Initially a client, Scott quickly resonated with James’ discontent with the status quo, and a shared vision for a more transparent, investor-friendly real estate market began to take form.

Thus, The Property Plug™ was born.

Our ethos is simple. We believe in forging enduring relationships with investors, underlined by trust and a relentless pursuit of genuine, rewarding investment opportunities.